Common Questions


Date + Hours

  • Dates and hours for KAABOO Cayman 2020 will be announced soon.

General Inquiries

When will the lineup get announced? +

Check back for information about the KAABOO Cayman 2020 lineup.

I Want a press pass for your event, who do I contact? +

If you are a member of the press interested in learning more, or if your radio station would like to get involved, please contact

A media application form to attend the festival can be found here.

What is your children's policy? +

KAABOO is an experience designed for adults. Guests, including children, may be subject to mature or adult-oriented content. Minors (under the age of 18) may only attend KAABOO with a parent or legal guardian. If a parent or legal guardian is attending KAABOO with a minor, KAABOO strongly encourages that parent or legal guardian to exercise discretion as to what performances the minor attends. The minor’s parent or legal guardian is solely responsible for the decision for their minor to attend KAABOO in whole, or in part.

We do offer a discounted THATCH Children’s Pass for kids ages 3-10. You must bring proof of age (such as a birth certificate or report card) to the event in order to use a children’s pass.

Children age 2 and under are free with a parent or guardian, but we do recommend noise-cancelling headphones for safety. We want them to be able to enjoy live music as grownups, too!

I have questions about Special Assistance amenities +

If you need special assistance at KAABOO Cayman, please call our customer service line on Cayman 345-233-0700 / US 855-798-5995 or email

How many times can I enter and exit KAABOO Cayman? +

For security reasons, guests at KAABOO are permitted one exit and re-entry per day up until 8pm.

Lost + Found +

All found items have been turned over to our local office. For assistance, please email or call +1 345-326-3417.

Dos + Don'ts

What to bring/Leave at home +

Here are the items you are allowed to bring to KAABOO Cayman:

  • Blankets or beach towels
  • Bags (under 18” x 12” x 8”)
  • Empty water bottles
  • Binoculars
  • Strollers
  • Go Pros (no poles or extenders)
  • Wheelchairs or medical scooters
  • Sunscreen

For the safety of our guests and employees, all persons and/or their belongings are subject to search. Additionally, the following items are prohibited and/or not tolerated at KAABOO Cayman:

  • Abusive, foul or disruptive language
  • Aerosol containers of any kind
  • Animals (except service animals to aid guests with disabilities)
  • Bicycles
  • Chairs, tents, stools or other seating devices*
  • Coolers
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures
  • Fireworks, firearms and weapons of any kind (including parking lots)
  • Glass containers or any kind
  • Illegal substances, drugs, and drug paraphernalia
  • Knives of any length
  • Large bags (over the size 18” x 12” x 8”)
  • Laser Pointers
  • Lawn furniture, including any personal shades or canopies
  • Noisemakers (musical instruments, bullhorns, air horns, whistles, etc.)
  • Outside Alcohol/Flasks
  • Outside food or beverages*
  • Prescription drugs, dietary vitamins, foods or beverages*
  • Professional cameras with lens longer than 2” (detachable or non-detachable) and professional recording (photos, video, audio) equipment, this includes any stands, monopods, tripods, attachment sticks, selfie-sticks, or commercial equipment
  • Sealed bottles, cans and beverage containers of any kind*
  • Signs, flags on sticks or poles
  • Skateboards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles*
  • Throwing objects
  • Trespassing, soliciting, peddling and loitering
  • Tripods, monopods and selfie-sticks
  • Umbrellas
  • Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors are not allowed. No unauthorized solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, giveaways, samples, etc.
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems & Radio Controlled Model Aircraft/Drones
  • Yard games, glow sticks, marker pens, and inflatables
  • Any other item or action deemed dangerous or inappropriate
  • KAABOO Cayman prohibits smoking or the use of vapor or 'similar' devices.

KAABOO Cayman reserves the right to deem any other item inappropriate. No prohibited item will be accepted at the entry gates for safekeeping.

*Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs. Individuals with these special needs should contact a security person at their entry gate for special attention.

Our tips +

  • Arrive Early - Beat the traffic and avoid lines or delays by getting to KAABOO earlier in the day.
  • Pack light – If possible, leave your bags at home. It’ll get you through the security screening much quicker.
  • Plan Ahead – You can visit our What to Bring section above to find a list of prohibited items. Check it out to avoid delays and the displeasure of confiscating valued items.
  • The Buddy System – We are a team here, and it takes people like yourself to make this epic experience happen. In the spirit of the KAABOO community, please be caring, aware, and considerate of all guests.
  • Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen at all times – The Caribbean sun can get very hot especially around midday. Recommended daily water intake is at least 2.5 liters. Locate our hydration stations when you arrive and be sure to take advantage.

Safety + Security

See Something, Say Something +

See something, Say something – If you see anything that doesn’t feel or seem right, text us with your concern at 313131 with "KAABOO" + your concern and we’ll be sure to follow up immediately.

What you need to know +

At KAABOO we are completely in the business of having a good time, and we can’t do that without keeping you safe. We are dedicated to creating a safe environment for guests to enjoy all KAABOO has to offer in a responsible manner.

In doing that, we work in conjunction with local law enforcement and private security companies to deploy certain security measures to ensure the safety of all guests, employees, and artists attending KAABOO. There will be adequate security, medical, and law enforcement personnel on duty throughout KAABOO to service the safety needs of our guests. If you have a safety, medical or security question, please locate the nearest security professional in order to assist you with your question.

See something, Say something – If you see anything that doesn’t feel or seem right, text us with your concern and we’ll be sure to follow up immediately. We will be releasing a dedicated number for this service shortly before the event starts.

In the event of a serious emergency at KAABOO, all event staff, event security, police and emergency response agencies are ready and available to assist guests, including guests with disabilities. Pertinent information regarding the emergency situation and evacuation procedures will be provided over the audio systems at all stages as well as displayed on the video boards throughout KAABOO.

  • All guests will be subject to a search of their person and possessions prior to entering the venue. All bags will be subject to inspection by a security representative. Guests should be prepared to open their bags for inspection and may be asked by a security representative to shift and possibly remove the contents.
  • For the safety of everyone at KAABOO, all persons entering the venue will walk through a metal detector or be screened with a hand-held metal detector to search for prohibited items.
  • Guests who appear to be impaired and unmanageable will not be permitted into KAABOO. Violators of the rules of any Cayman Islands laws will be refused admission, asked to leave or ejected from the property. KAABOO reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who may compromise the safety of other guests.
  • For security reasons, guests at KAABOO are permitted one exit and re-entry per day up until 8pm.

Parking, Transportation + Lodging

Where am I allowed to park? +

Check back later for KAABOO Cayman 2020 parking information.

What are your lodging options? +

There is a range of places to stay in Grand Cayman including hotels, resorts, condos, villas and AirBNB. Most accommodations are within a reasonable distance from the KAABOO event. Check back later for KAABOO Cayman 2020 lodging information.

Box Office Inquiries

What are the box office hours + location? +

Box office hours will become available closer to the event date. Subscribe to our newsletter for more details.

What is the difference between Thatch Pass, Silver Thatch and Royal Palm? +

Discover which pass is right for you! Please click HERE for a description of each of our pass types.

How do I upgrade to VIP? +

We would love to assist you in upgrading your KAABOO experience! Please reach out to us by phone (855-798-5995) or email at to get the process started.

Can I purchase a single day pass? +

Single day passes may become available closer to the event date assuming the event is not sold out. Subscribe to our newsletter for more details.

I mistyped my email address, what do I do? +

You can update your personal account information by giving KAABOO Ticketing a call at: Cayman 345-233-0700 / US 855-798-5995. Please make sure to have your order number handy.

What will happen if I purchase a pass or wristband from ecay, craigslist, stub hub, etc.? +

KAABOO can not provide any authentication or customer service for any passes purchased from a third party (sadly, a few bad apples ruin the bunch). The only way KAABOO can provide verification for passes is if they are purchased from the KAABOO website. Please don’t buy passes from third parties, we hate not being able to help you. Plus, you don’t get all the awesome perks that come with being an official KAABOO guest!

Can I get a refund? What are your terms and conditions? +

All KAABOO passes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. You can read our terms and conditions HERE.

I ordered a 2 day pass, do I get separate wristbands? +

You do not. The 2-Day pass receives one non-removable, non-transferrable wristband good for both days. If you need help or have questions, give us a shout. That’s what we are here for. You can contact us at or call Cayman: 345-233-0700 / US 855-798-5995.

And by the way, you cannot loosen a wristband once it’s been tightened. So, let’s avoid trying them on or testing it out as a new collar for your puppy (yes, it happened!).

Can I purchase passes at the venue? +

Currently we do not have passes for sale at the venue. If this changes we will notify our guests via email (sign up HERE) or just check back because we’ll change the answer here, too.

I'm lost in life and none of these are answering my questions +

Our ticketing team is in the office 10am - 8pm EST Monday-Friday. You can reach us at or call: Cayman 345-233-0700 / US 855-798-5995. Look at that, we gave you our number. Let’s take this relationship to the next level, give us a call.