Exploring the Island: Getting Around Grand Cayman

Now that you’ve landed in Grand Cayman, you’re probably curious to know how the locals get around the island. Whether you’re traveling specifically for KAABOO Cayman, or planning to stay longer and explore the island, it’s important for all visitors and guests to know how to get from place to place.

Public Transportation

If the phrase “when in Rome” connects with you, then why not try riding the local bus and experience the island like a true Caymanian? Routes can take you all over the island, with the central depot located in Georgetown. Stickers outline where the bus is headed, and bus stations are located around the island. You can also flag down a desired bus if you don’t make it to the actual stop in time. See the list of buses and their routes here.

Taxi Services

If you want a little more private mode of transportation, Grand Cayman has a variety of services to choose from. Learn more about the different types of taxis here.


Car Rental

If you need your own personal transportation around the island, there are several choices when it comes to renting a car for the weekend and beyond. Remember if you plan on parking at KAABOO, you must purchase a SILVER THATCH VIP pass or higher in order to obtain on-site parking at KAABOO Cayman (one parking pass per transaction).

Traveling in a new and unfamiliar place can be daunting, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be as easy as walking around the block.