Top Moments of KAABOO Cayman 2019


We still can’t stop thinking about the island breeze drifting over us as we danced, sang, and relaxed our way through a beautiful KAABOO weekend. It’s hard to say which part of the weekend was our favorite, but we picked out a few of the top moments that might ring a bell for you, too:

The Chainsmokers Showing Us How to "KAABOO Like You Mean It"


As the Friday headliner, The Chainsmokers took no chances and held nothing back during their nearly two-hour performance. Cranking out an array of mega hits and launching firework after roaring firework above the delighted crowd, singer Andrew Taggart took center stage halfway through the show to tell the crowd to “KAABOO like you mean it”. We’re still getting chills!

Richard Branson Getting on Stage with Flo Rida


We thought we had seen it all on the KAABOO stage until Sir Richard Branson appeared alongside Flo Rida, bouncing along to the hits and taking in the crowd’s energy. Both gentlemen were beaming ear-to-ear as guests roared their approval of the duo. Come back and KAABOO with us soon, Richard!

Kevin Nealon Sparking Laughter at HUMOR ME


Comedy fans were treated to Kevin Nealon’s larger-than-life sense of humor on Friday night, and by the end of his hysterical monologue, audience members were beside themselves, doing their best to hold it together for the next punch line.

Dylan Benoit Bringing Cayman Cuisine to the PALATE Stage


Local Cayman chef Dylan Benoit brought his unique and fun style of cooking to the PALATE stage on Friday afternoon, showing everyone a thing or two about what it takes to make a delicious local dish.

ARTWORK at Every Turn

Kaaboo Mural-1.jpg

As if it wasn’t enough to be engulfed in bucket list musical acts and comedians, one of the best parts of KAABOO was the artwork in practically every area of the grounds. The inspiring paintings, sculptures and jewelry by a diverse set of artists added the perfect touch to the weekend vibes.

John Popper of Blues Traveler Joining +LIVE+ on Stage


What’s better than one amazing band on the KAABOO stage? Two! +LIVE+ conquered their set and were momentarily joined by John Popper of Blues Traveler, jamming out and getting the crowd amped up for the rest of the night’s performances. What a truly outstanding and historic KAABOO moment.

Getting Lit at BASK

Friday DropThree bryanwinterphotography-3117.jpg

From the moment the KAABOO gates opened to the second they closed, BASK was blasting beats and getting guests up and grooving. The local Cayman DJs brought the noise and the fun from morning to late into the night.

The first ever KAABOO Cayman was an unforgettable experience for more reason than we can list (that would be one long blog!), and what we’ve mentioned above doesn’t even come close to describing this historic KAABOO. For now, let the memories of that one weekend in the Cayman Islands hold you over until next year when you can dive back in and KAABOO with us again!