Ways to Get to KAABOO Cayman


We’re nearly there! With KAABOO Cayman just weeks away, we want to fill you in on the different ways you can get to KAABOO once you land in Grand Cayman. From VIP parking on-site to shuttle services, we want to make your arrival and departure as smooth as possible. Check out these options for transportation below:


Pick up your parking pass prior to the event with your wristband for entrance into the Yacht Club for your on-site parking. Parking pass included in 2-day pass price; one (1) parking pass per order will be distributed. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN AMPLIFY (VIP) PASS, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED ENTRANCE INTO THE YACHT CLUB PARKING LOT


South Parking Lot

Park just a short walk away. Enter through public beach entrance. South Parking Lot is south of the Seafire. Passes on sale online. $25 USD per car.

Seven Mile Beach Shuttle Bus

Running continuously during KAABOO hours. This is the easiest way to get to KAABOO. Shuttle stops - Margaritaville Resort, Mitzi’s, Westin. $10 USD per person round trip per day. There is a ROYAL PALM (VIP) specific shuttle bus – email amplify@kaaboocayman.com for more information.

*There is no parking provided at these shuttle stops. Please use our Camana Bay Park and Ride Service if you desire both parking and a shuttle.*


Camana Bay Park and Ride

Fill your car with your friends for the cheapest way to get to KAABOO. Park in south Camana Bay, entering through Nexus Way, then take a shuttle to KAABOO. $10 USD per car round trip per day.

Taxi/Public Bus

A taxi or public bus will be able to drop you into the ‘KAABOO Transportation hub’ which is on site and next to a gate that gets you straight into KAABOO! Only taxis, public buses and KAABOO operated shuttles will be allowed into the Transportation Hub. NO PRIVATE VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE INTO KAABOO.



DO NOT CROSS ESTERLEY TIBBETTS HIGHWAY TO ENTER KAABOO – there is easy walking access on either side of the highway. Walk up the beach (do not walk through the Kimpton) or along the path on the west side of Esterley Tibbets Highway and down Raleigh Quay to enter KAABOO just south of Tiki Beach. Access KAABOO from the east side of Esterley Tibbets Highway via an access path on the southeast side of the bridge; follow the signage to cross beneath the bridge.

Just because you’re on an island, doesn’t mean you have to be worried about getting around. We’ve done our best to ensure that you and your squad can get to and from KAABOO with ease and hope this information sheds more light on the different ways you can get to your island adventure.