What Is Kaaboo?


Kaaboo is everything a typical music festival is not.

That’s because we’re not typical. We’re a new kind of entertainment and arts experience designed around comfort, quality and good times. Kaaboo’s operational team brings 25 years experience in the entertainment business to paradise.

KAABOO was created by music lovers for music lovers. An adult escape, uniquely curated to appeal to all five of your senses, with world-class music, inspiring contemporary art, hilarious comedy, incredible cuisine, craft libations, and personal indulgences.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for great live music, and at KAABOO, you won’t.

Forget what you know about music festivals, we’ve shifted the paradigm and produced something different. KAABOO is the perfect weekend escape, and a way of life centered around having fun. A curated two-day sound voyage that combines incredible music and tastemaking experiences in a modern wonderland alongside the beautiful Caribbean sea. At KAABOO, every detail is designed for your enjoyment and clean, comfortable amenities inspire you to break from your busy life, let loose and enjoy the experience. Welcome to KAABOO, the place where all of your senses align, under the sun.

What Is Kaaboo?
When Did Kaaboo Start
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Ideal event + ideal venue

Located on the northern end of world famous Seven Mile Beach, KAABOO Cayman is the ideal live music event in the ideal venue. With an average February temperature of 77° F and breathtaking winter sunsets, KAABOO is easily accessible on the island and has an abundance of high-quality lodging options nearby.

People against dirty

Staying clean at a big event can be a challenge. Invariably, everyone ends up covered in dust or mud or something else that you don’t even want to identify. KAABOO is the anti-dirt event. KAABOO is held at a brand new, specifically designed event space on Seven Mile Beach.

Chill out

Our idyllic destination, Grand Cayman, averages around 77° F in February. Need a break from the sun? Just relax in one of our many shaded areas designed to beat the heat.

Have a seat

Do you enjoy standing for 14 hours straight? We don’t either. KAABOO has ample seating areas, common spaces, service plazas and other amenities specifically designed around letting you take a load off.

Pleasant potty time

If you can’t describe a restroom without using seven different expletives, then it isn’t fit for use. KAABOO’s clean, regularly-serviced flush facilities are nice enough that you could describe them to your kindergartner. You won’t find a port-a-potty here!

Enjoy grown-up time

KAABOO is an adult escape with unwritten codes of conduct to match. Not too stuffy. Not too adolescently manic. Just right for grown ups of all ages that want to get away, join the perfect party and have fun while being thoroughly entertained.